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Who We Are


Abundant Blessings is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based out of Los Angeles dedicated to the fight against homelessness in the Los Angeles area.


Abundant Blessings has a team full of heroes with one goal, to end the rapid-growing homeless epidemic by providing high quality housing and wrap-around services to individuals, families, and children. Here at Abundant Blessings, we open our arms to anyone that needs our support in our top-quality judge-free home-like shelter’s.


For our staff it is important to keep our integrity intact and to always maintain a professional rapport with everyone always. At Abundant Blessings, we understand that living in a shelter is truly difficult experience therefore, we make it our Priority to make sure everyone feels comfortable and respected. 

All of our staff are on an endless mission to find resources that can help our clients whether it be finding childcare, finding a job, or finding way a to enroll back in school. 


Upon all Clients’ entering into our Program’s we create a Housing Stability Plan to find out what gaps needs to be filled in order for our Clients to successfully transition into permanent housing permanently. 


Abundant Blessings really cares for everyone, and we look for ways to improve by listening to our clients to gain more knowledge and to evolve to meet everyone’s needs. 


Through the various programs that Abundant Blessings already has, and is planning to incorporate, we aim to help everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, disabilities, or any other medicals needs. 


At Abundant Blessings we believe we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to be helped. 

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