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Partnering Programs & Services

We also have a several services that we do not directly provide our selves. We have partnered with different Organizations to incorporate additional services to our Client’s. 

Bi-Weekly Wellness Clinics (provided by one of our Partner Organizations)

The purpose of the Wellness Clinics is to maintain our Client’s informed about any health-related topics. Blood Pressure Checks, and Blood Glucose Checks are available as well as Harm Reduction Resources, Sexual Health Resources and COVID-19 Vaccine Information is also Available for all Client’s. 

COVID-19 Shots (provided by one of our Partner Organizations) 

All Client’s can request the COVID-19 Shot to staff and we can have a Clinic come out to Vaccinate the Client’s on site, Free of Charge at the Client’s Convenience. 

Bi-Monthly COVID Tests (provided by one of our Partner Organizations)

The Goal of this program is to enhance our Client’s Self-awareness, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Decisions Making, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships and to give them methods to cope with stress. The purpose is to inject all of our Client’s with confidence and good habits so they can make effective decisions.

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