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Abundant blessings 5 point safety protocal
Managing COVID-19


At Abundant Blessings we take our health very seriously. As a result, we have taken measures to maintain a COVID-19 Free safe Environment. We have created our 5-Point Safety Protocol and have implemented it at all our facilities.


5-Point Safety Protocol

  • Health Screenings for All Residents & Staff

  • Medical Grade Disinfection & Cleaning

  • Protective Masks Worn in Facilities

  • Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations

  • Six-Feet Social Distancing in Common Areas



In addition, we also take the following measures:

  • Following Los Angeles Department of Public Health guidelines very strictly. 

  • Following Department of Health Services recommendations very closely.

  • Conducting daily health screenings twice a day including Temperature Checks during the time of health screenings

  • Touchless Thermometers on walls at each entrance to take Client and Staff Temperatures prior to entering the facility.

  • Providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) upon request

  • Conducting regular bi-weekly Covid testing at all our Facilities for all our Staff and Clients. 

​Rapid Testing available

  • Upon symptoms reported or noticed 

  • Upon all new Intake for Clients

  • Daily sanitizing 4-times per day minimum

  • Social Distancing Signs throughout the facility

  • Up-to Date Health Informational postings throughout the facility

  • HVAC Filter’s changed monthly with MERV-6 or MERV-7 filter’s (specializing in trapping virus particles within the filter)

Should any staff test come back positive they will receive Covid Pay while they quarantine. 

  • Should any Client’s test come back positive they will immediately be transferred to an Isolation and Quarantine Facility. The facility goes on a strict quarantine until the 

  • Los Angeles Department of Public Health (DPH) who provides us updated guidance at that time, gives us confirmation to lift our Quarantine. 


  • Additionally, Covid-19 Vaccines are available at all of our Facilities through Department of Health Services upon request.

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