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Every Client of ours is entitled to receive warm meals, clothing, extra storage space, and for our Client’s with Families, we also provide the basic necessities that every child deserves, such as strollers, diapers, clothes, bottles, baby formula and much more. Everything Free of Charge.


In addition to our housing programs, Abundant Blessings provides wrap-around services directly to all Clients which include:

Resident Advocacy

The goal of the Resident Advocate is to ensure the security and safety of the shelter and its Client’s, carrying out shelter guidelines, to handle crisis situations, and assist Client’s as needed. 

General Case Management

Abundant Blessings provides supportive services which are designed to help individuals placed in temporary housing achieve and maintain health, mental health, and housing stability.

Intensive Case Management

Abundant Blessings also  assists individuals at every stage of the housing stabilization process. Client services are regularly monitored and given guidance based on each client’s level of functioning and specific needs.


Case Managers meet with Client’s on a Weekly Basis to create a plan and follow up on their progress throughout their stay at Abundant Blessings.

Services include:

  • outreach and engagement

  • intake and assessment

  • service planning

  • housing and rental assistance resources

  • linkages to health resources

  • mental health resources

  • substance abuse resources

  • assistance with benefits establishment resources

  • transportation

  • legal issues resources

  • crisis management

  • eviction prevention resources

  • client education

  • housing location services and other supportive services.

These services make it possible to serve the most vulnerable in our community, giving them the help they need so they plan and execute the best way possible.

Living Space Program

Self-Discipline is important to us at Abundant Blessings. We want to emphasize to our Client’s that how you live here is how you will live in your own home. Abundant Blessings emphasizes in organizing, decluttering, and personal cleanliness. We work with all of our Client’s to declutter and keep their living areas clean on a daily basis. These are good habits that not only benefit them with their Landlords but for their kids and themselves. 

Housing Goals Program

Case Managers work with the Client’s and talk about the housing that they think it best suited for their family. It is important to have in mind what type of housing you are looking for. Having a determined housing goal lets the client set realistic goals in place in which they can achieve easier.

Personal Responsibility Program

This Workshop is critical for all Client’s because here they learn to keep a positive mindset. Through this workshop, Client’s will learn that they should always do things for themselves, they should always try to learn new things and to become self-reliant. 

Career Planning Program

Career planning is another top-level priority for us at Abundant Blessings. We want to make sure all of our Client’s are happy with whatever career choice they have made. If our Client’s are content with their Career choice, they are more likely to maintain the job and stabilize their income.

Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops are set at our facilities on a Monthly Basis to encourage and educate our Client’s on the different educational programs available for them, Financial Aid help, and enrollment help for GED and College courses. 

Abundant Blessings 16-Week Road to Success Program 

The Abundant Blessings 16-Week Road to Success Program is composed of several different categories that merge up to create a plan for the Client to reach their desired goals.  This Program not only sets goals but also measures the Client’s Strengths and Weaknesses and from there Case Managers can guide the Client so they know where they can allocate more of their time to be able to fill those gaps. The main focus for the Abundant Blessings 16-Week Road to Success Program is to motivate Client’s to create and meet their goals which will subsequently lead them to obtain Permanent Housing with less probabilities for them to fall back into homelessness. 

Life skills Program 

The Goal of this program is to enhance our Client’s Self-awareness, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Decisions Making, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships and to give them methods to cope with stress. The purpose is to inject all of our Client’s with confidence and good habits so they can make effective decisions.

Family/Parenting Program

This program was made to strengthen Parental skills, by having a stronger Parent-Child Relationships, more Effective Communication, Self- Esteem, and Happiness and to reduce Negative Behavior. With this Program, Parents can gain knowledge to be able to better comfort their kids and reduce any trauma or anxiety that they are also going through. 

Financial Education Program

Through the Financial Education Program, we stress the importance of saving money. Money Management is key for planning for future goals. This program sets up a plan of action for the client and educates them with some tips of how they should save. 

Educational Goals Program

A priority for us at Abundant Blessings is to get everyone back in school. We want everyone to get their education to get a great paying stable job. Case Managers and Client’s meet to talk about what their interests are so they can have an idea of what they want to go to school for.

Job Hunting/Resume Building Program

Abundant Blessings understands that searching for a job and having the resume ready is not an easy task, so we have created a workshop to assist Client’s to build their resume and to coach them for their next interview. In this workshop, the Client’s can ask questions and can clarify any ideas they may have for their resume. Mock Interviews are also conducted to prepare our Client’s and pinpoint some areas where they can strengthen.

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