Abundant Blessings is committed to provide a safe living environment with adequate housing accommodations which include warm meals and clothing, while providing them counseling, employment programs and other supportive services to maximize housing stability plan and prevent returns to homelessness.  


Our goal is to house anyone who is homeless regardless of their mental health, substance abuse or any other deteriorating factors, that may potentially impede them from obtaining permanent housing. In addition to providing housing for the homeless, Abundant Blessings has implemented several other housing opportunities. All of the different housing programs we offer are as follows:


  • Interim Housing

  • Crisis Housing

  • Bridge Housing 

  • Transitional Housing

  • Emergency Housing 

  • Housing for Families 

  • Housing for Individuals 

  • (DV) Domestic Violence Housing

  • Sober Living Housing

  • (TAY) Transition Age Youth Housing

  • Mental Health Housing 

Interim Housing

Abundant Blessings works alongside other major organizations to provide temporary shelter services for adults with mental illness and their minor children who are homeless and who do not have adequate income (including financial benefits such as CalWORKS and SSI) to pay for temporary housing. The IHP provides safe and clean shelter, 24-hour general oversight, three meals each day, linens, clothing, toiletries, and case management services. The goal of the program is to assist clients with transitioning to permanent housing. 

Crisis Housing

Abundant Blessings provides Crisis housing, which is a short-term, first-come first-served, emergency shelter setting that receives clients who walk-in or are referred.

Emergency Housing

Abundant Blessings main goal is to assist individuals and families who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking, or were recently homeless or have a high risk of housing instability. 

Bridge Housing 

Abundant Blessings also provides the Bridge housing program in which we provide a safe and supportive 24-hour, reserved residence for individuals in a shelter setting. Our Bridge Housing Program provides free temporary housing for up to 90 days to individuals who are employed and have a "Section 8" housing voucher and in need of temporary housing.

Transitional Housing

Abundant Blessings transitional housing focuses on different populations, such as those experiencing domestic violence, mental health challenges, suffering from drug addiction, or experiencing temporary homelessness. Transitional housing intends to equip people with the tools, structure, and support they need to re-enter permanent housing and be successful in their futures.

B7 Bridge Housing

B7 Bridge Housing provides people with a place to stay while exiting from incarceration (jail, prison, or juvenile detention facilities), or while being in the justice system’s custody and whose lack of stable housing would be cause for incarceration while awaiting an upcoming trial or court hearing date. B7 Bridge Housing provides people with a place to stay while they are working on locating, applying to, and obtaining permanent housing. 

MIST Housing

(Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial)

The MIST Diversion program gives defendants an opportunity to divert from jail and gain access to comprehensive mental health treatment in a residential community setting. While program participants remain under active court order during their treatment, upon successful program completion misdemeanor charges are dropped and program participants are transitioned into permanent supportive housing.

Housing for Families 

Abundant Blessings provides temporary housing and supportive services to local families, no matter how they are composed: one-parent, two-parent, single-sex, or multigenerational.

Housing for Individuals 

Our specialized programs for adults provide relief and support services to both men and women in need. We implement best-practice program models that successfully meet the needs of people who are struggling with homelessness, alcoholism and drug addiction, and anyone else who is in search for this type of help.

(DV) Domestic Violence Housing

Domestic abuse can be mental, physical, economic or sexual in nature. Abundant Blessings is a nonprofit domestic violence intervention and prevention organization determined to restore, and provide trauma informed, culturally responsive, holistic, comprehensive services to survivors and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence, and to advance prevention modalities to sustain healthy and safe communities free of violence. 

(TAY) Transition Age Youth Housing

With the help of family, school and community, today’s youth has a greater possibility of shifting their own futures to become self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow. Abundant Blessings offers support and a wide variety of educational and empowerment services as well as scholarships to help young people in our communities becoming thriving adults.

Mental Health Housing

One of the biggest issues some people with mental illness face is the availability of housing. For many people, the cascading effects of mental illness might leave them in an unstable housing situation, or even cause them to lose their homes. Having a safe and secure place to live is an important part of recovery, along with access to services that enable those with mental health conditions to live as independently as possible.

Sober Living Housing

We believe in treating the client during the entire process of recovery.  ‘No matter what’ is the foundation we seek to instill in the clients we treat.  We provide our clients with a plan for success, including aftercare. We offer resources to give you a way out; all you have to do is be willing.  If you are willing, we will work hard to keep you healthy the entire way because at Abundant Blessings, we believe that every life is important, every person matters, and every person is worthy of a life of love and happiness.  We give you the tools to help heal your body, mind, heart, and spirit.